English For Tourism Professionals

The English for Tourism Services course combines working in a small group in the mornings to develop general English speaking and listening communication skills with one-to-one classes in the afternoons. The one-to-one classes focus on individual needs and will develop your vocabulary and language skills related to the area of tourism you work in.

We will send you a needs analysis form before your arrival and ask you to give us specific details about your sector and your precise English requirements. Popular requests include hotel services language, reception or information desk services; giving city and country tourism information, explaining possible day trips or concerts and activities, booking accommodation, reserving travel tickets; explaining restaurant and eating options; guided tours and itinerary planning.

This course is suitable for employees working in a variety of tourism industry areas such as hotels and accommodation facilities, information centres, tourist attractions and public transport services. In addition, staff working as guides, rangers, tour managers, travel consultants, resort workers, hospitality and catering staff and other tourist related industry services will find this course useful.

What to expect:

  • develop general English fluency so you can express yourself precisely with foreign colleagues and clients
  • learn specific tourism and topic based vocabulary for your area of work
  • improve your pronunciation
  • fine tune your listening skills
  • review grammar points as needed
  • prepare presentations, write emails or tourist information, if required
  • have your questions answered and work on your specific requests
  • visit tourist sites in Edinburgh, either in your own time or with your 1-to-1 teacher
  • join one afternoon excursion per week to a place of cultural interest = 3 hours extra of speaking and listening practice